What is total in soccer betting

Total Goals In Soccer Betting

Total in soccer betting is the total number of goals, points, or other game dimensions and actions on the field during a match. The word comes from the English “total” – “total” or “total.” Each sport has its own totals for a variety of events, depending on the rules and characteristics.

Types of football totals

Of course, among all possible totals, total is in the lead for goals. What are the total goals in football? Among the main ones are:

  • Regular (simple) total;
  • Individual total;

Regular (simple) total

This is a type of betting on a certain number of goals scored in a football match on the site https://ca.parimatch.com/. There are probabilities of an outcome “over” and “under” a fixed number. These numbers are divided into multiples (0.5; 1.5, etc.) and integer (1; 2; 3). When betting on a multiple, it is necessary that the result exceeds / is less than this value. For example, when betting on “total over 1.5”, the player wins if the teams score at least 2 goals (since 2 is more than “1.5”). Similarly, for a bet on “total less than 1.5” – if the teams scored 1 goal or finished the meeting with a zero draw, then the bet wins. Otherwise – a loss.

When betting on an integer total, such a phenomenon as the return of the bet is possible . The rule of the so-called “double chance” for total applies here. This is a kind of safety net for the bettor. For example, if the bet “total is over 1.0”, there will be a refund if only one goal is scored in the match, a win – if more than 1 goal is scored. The same is true for “total less than 1.0”. If there are 2 or more goals, the bet loses.

Individual total

This is a bet on the number of goals scored by one of the competing teams. The calculation is exactly the same as in the general total, but only for a single team.

Of particular interest are bets on the individual total of an individual player, especially if this is a strong scorer. Most offices offer totals for the number of corners taken in the game (in the half, by one of the teams), the number of violations – both fouls and yellow cards.

There are also combined bets, such as “outcome + total” (for example, “team 1 wins + total over 2.5”). Depending on the bookmaker’s office, you can choose the most unexpected football totals.

Benefits of betting on totals

What is so good about betting on totals in football? It is often difficult to predict the outcome of a duel, especially if there are two roughly equal opponents. But if these are “scoring” teams, then you can try to bet the total over 2.5 or even 3.5. A player who follows the various leagues will usually notice that a lot of goals are being scored in the English and Spanish Premier League. You should also pay attention to the teams’ tournament motivation and other factors, such as the length of the break after the last game, injury or condition of the leading players (forwards), and much more. Predicting “total over 2.5” or “corners total over 11.5”, for example, in the match “Real – Barcelona” is easier than guessing the outcome of the confrontation.