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Implementing COPD Pulmonary Function Tests at the Point of Care | Feature

There is no cure for COPD, but an accurate diagnosis can help clinicians optimize treatment plans so that they can adequately address symptoms, improve quality of life, and—along with smoking cessation—slow disease progression.

Study: Pharmacies Should Proactively Offer Naloxone to All Patients Who Meet Evidence-based Criteria | News Brief

Pharmacies should proactively offer naloxone, a drug that blocks or reverses the effects of overdose, to patients taking opioid medications through universal opt-out strategies in an effort

ED Return Visits: Examining Outcomes & Costs | Feature

Patients initially discharged after ED visits and subsequently hospitalized during a return visit to the ED appear to have lower in-hospital mortality, ICU admission rates, and in-hospital costs but have longer lengths of stay when compared with those who were hospitalized and did not return to the ED..

Key Concepts in Managing Complicated Pericarditis | Feature

Significant advances are helping clinicians address risk factors and clarify the role of multimodality imaging, pathophysiology, and novel treatments in the management of patients with complicated pericarditis

Aspirin, Anticoagulants, & Atrial Fibrillation | News Brief

Previous research shows that aspirin is not as beneficial as oral anticoagulant agents for reducing thromboembolism risk. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia worldwide

CME/CE: Drug & Dietary Supplement Use Among Seniors | News Brief

With older adults increasingly using multiple medications and supplements, efforts are needed to improve the safe use of these therapies to reduce preventable adverse drug events.

System errors, human errors, and common sense | Medical Blog

  “It was a system failure.” That’s what United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said in an interview with ABC News about the recent incident involving the violent

The Relationship Between Menopause & Migraines | Feature

Current estimates show that about 12% of people in the United States experience migraines, with women being three times more likely than men to suffer these headaches.

Video CME/CE: Pain Management & Opioids, With ZDoggMD | Feature

Read all the "front matter" information to the right, watch the video below, then click the link at the bottom to complete the post-test and obtain credits.

CME/CE: Preparing to Be a Good Samaritan | Feature

Many emergency physicians (EPs) can expect to provide Good Samaritan care during their careers, but EPs could be better prepared by carrying a kit with supplies and medications that are most likely to be used in such events.

Late-Onset Asthma & Cardiovascular Disease Risks | Feature

Asthma is a heterogeneous syndrome in which presentations can vary significantly between patients.   Although it is not usually recognized as such, there are different clinical subtypes

Guidance on Opioid Prescribing for Patients with Chronic Pain | Feature

The CDC has issued new recommendations for prescribing opioids for patients with chronic pain. The document offers clinicians valuable guidance to ensuring the safest and most effective treatment of this patient population.

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Among Doctors | Feature

New research suggests that about 30% of female doctors have faced sexual harassment from superiors and colleagues during their careers, and many more perceive gender bias at work. The findings highlight the need for greater efforts to achieve gender equity in medicine.

Assessing Injection Drug Use-Related Infective Endocarditis | Feature

These dangerous and potentially fatal infections damage heart valves and often require several weeks of intravenous antibiotics. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

Is Sexual Activity Safe After a Heart Attack? | Feature

Current guidelines recommend that physicians counsel patients about resuming sex after acute myocardial infarctions.

Treating Hard-to-Reach Patients with Health Information Exchanges & Mobile Devices | Feature

A survey indicates that several factors appear to be associated with a willingness to engage in mobile health information exchanges. This information should be considered when developing and tailoring mobile technologies for patient-clinician communication.

Comparing Strategies for Systolic Blood Pressure Control | Feature

A lower SBP goal would reduce events more than a standard goal, but little data is available in which direct comparisons have been made. Studies have shown

Conference Highlights: ACC 2017 | Feature

New research was presented at ACC 2017, the annual scientific sessions of the American College of Cardiology, from March 17 to 19 in Washington, DC. The features below highlight some of the studies presented at the conference.

Preparing to Be a Good Samaritan | Feature

Many emergency physicians (EPs) can expect to provide Good Samaritan care during their careers, but EPs could be better prepared by carrying a kit with supplies and medications that are most likely to be used in such events.

10 Signs of Human Trafficking in Medical Care | Feature

A critical summary of screening and intervention techniques all health professionals should be aware of. Human trafficking is often thought of as an issue faced by other

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