Looking for Work/Life Balance | Feature

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Widening the Scope of Practice | Medical Blog

Dr. Pelzman discusses the challenge of involving nurses and other healthcare professionals into the current scope of practice so they can do more of what they love.

A Strategy for Decreasing Influenza’s Impact | Feature

Research suggests that prompt antiviral treatment appears to decrease the impact of influenza on older patients who have been hospitalized.

Should Your Practice Consider Telehealth? | Feature

Investors are pouring money into digital health companies, with $5.8 billion invested in 2015 alone, according to CBInsights. Of the several subcategories of digital health, telehealth continues

There Is No Such Thing as Too Much TV in This Doctor’s Office: A Different Approach to Patient Engagement | Feature

A recent Accenture report found that patients in the United States are increasingly accessing their electronic health records (EHRs), with rates rising from 27% in 2014 to

Capture the Critical Driver of Your Practice’s Financial Success: Physician Time | Feature

Pop Quiz: What were you doing during the financial presentation at your last board meeting?

Strategies for Physician Succession & Retirement | Feature

Due to the busy nature of many medical practices, planning for future events like physician succession or retirement often takes a back seat to other pressing priorities.

Managing Difficult Patients | Feature

Regardless of the setting that a physician practices, there is a high likelihood that they will encounter difficult patients throughout their career. “We can’t blame all of

Analyzing “Breakthrough Therapy” Perceptions | Feature

After an investigational medication is subject to clinical trials but before it is permitted to be used widely in patients, the FDA reviews the clinical trial results

The Generational Differences in Healthcare Technology | Feature

For decades marketers have tailored their messages and delivery tactics based on the target audience to help increase sales of products and services. Today, physicians and healthcare

AKH CME: End of Life Care | Feature

A $15.00, 1.25-hour activity that reviews the the principles of pain management, palliative care, and symptom management near the end of life; the levels of hospice care; and

Heroes in Medicine: Daniel R. Lattanzi, MD | Feature

Congratulations to Daniel R. Lattanzi, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for being recognized as this month’s “Heroes in Medicine” recipient from Physician’s Weekly. Dr.

Benzodiazepine Prescribing in Older Adults | Feature

Benzodiazepines can effectively treat anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and alcohol withdrawal, but their use in older adults has been linked to higher adverse event rates. These drugs can

Boosting immunity in older adults: Study unmasks new infection-fighting T cells | Feature

The breakthrough came when the researchers discovered that when stimulated with pieces of virus, a portion of naive T cells began making interferon-gamma, a powerful anti-viral molecule.

Heroes in Medicine: Patrick Gerard O’Connor, MD, MPH, FACP | Feature

Congratulations to Patrick Gerard O’Connor, MD, MPH, FACP, of the Yale School of Medicine for being the winner of the “Heroes in Medicine” award from Physician’s Weekly

Do Doctors Make the Wrong Diagnosis in Their Own Investment Strategies? | Opinion Article

Medicine is one of the highest-paying professions, but whether doctors are able to manage their money wisely is another question. Just 28% of working doctors feel very

Alzheimer’s Could Stem From Infections, New Study Suggests | Feature

Could it be that Alzheimer’s disease stems from the toxic remnants of the brain’s attempt to fight off infection? New research by a team of investigators at

Asthma Linked With Shingles | Feature

Previous research has suggested that children with asthma are at increased risk for developing herpes zoster (shingles or zoster), but this association has not been assessed in

Heroes in Medicine: Kathleen M. Schmeler, MD | Feature

Congratulations to Kathleen M. Schmeler, MD, of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital for being the winner of the“Heroes

CME: Managing Congenital Heart Disease in Older Adults | Feature

A scientific statement offers clinicians with a review of the known and anticipated issues facing older adults with congenital heart disease. More registries and larger studies are needed to improve understanding and care of older adults with the disease.

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