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Teen Birth Rates Declining

Data from the CDC indicate that the birth rate for females aged 15 to 19 declined 25% from 2007 to 2011, dropping from 41.5 to 31.3 births

Gaps in Gestational Hypothyroidism | Feature

In 2011, the American Thyroid Association (ATA) recommended more strin­gent thyroid stimulation hormone (TSH) testing criteria. More women will now be defined as having hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

A Closer Look at Stroke During Pregnancy | Feature

Although stroke risk during pregnancy appears to be low, morbidity and mortality rates are high among pregnant women who do have strokes. A population-based study estimated that

Anesthesiology 2012: “Ancient Dream” of Pain-Free Labor for Chinese Women Becoming Reality | Feature

A study presented at the Anesthesiology 2012 annual meeting revealed sometimes dramatic findings from a 10-year initiative called the “No Pain Labor N’ Delivery China Mission.” In

Examining Attitudes Toward Pregnancy & Childbearing in Women Surgeons | Feature

New data reveal that more women general surgeons are becoming pregnant during training, but substantial negative biases persist. The findings may have important ramifications for the surgery workforce.

Updated Guidelines for Thyroid Dysfunction During & After Pregnancy | News Brief

The Endocrine Society has revised its clinical practice guideline for the management of thyroid disease during pregnancy and postpartum. Available for free in its entirety at www.endo-society/guidelines,

Recommendations for Cervical Cancer Screening | Feature

It’s important to balance benefits and potential risks associated with cervical cancer screening. The USPSTF updated screening recommendations, which focus on the evidence relating to the benefits and potential harms of screening.

A Look at Near-Miss Mortality and Morbidity in Pregnancy | Feature

New data show that near-miss mortality and morbidity appear to be high among pregnant women. To improve outcomes, it is critical to identify high-risk women early in the course of patient management.

Pregnancy Among Women Surgeons | Medical Blog

Women surgeons still feel stigmatized about pregnancy during surgical residency training. Male residents can get sick or be injured and miss time. Should there be any reason to deal with pregnancy differently?

A Look at Births in 2010 | News Brief

Preliminary data in a report from the CDC indicate that births in the United States dropped 3% between  2009 and 2010 to about 4 million. According to

Gynecologic NETs: Reviewing Treatments | Opinion Article

Due to limited data available on the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), Dr. Gardner and her colleagues developed a clinical document on NETs of the gynecologic tract.

Subclinical Hypothyroidism Linked to Preeclampsia | News Brief

A University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center study indicates that women diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy appear to be at increased risk for severe preeclampsia when compared

Postpartum Influenza Vaccination Deemed Cost-Effective | News Brief

From a societal perspective, postpartum influenza vaccination appears to be a cost-effective method for preventing maternal and infantile influenza. A large database and literature review demonstrated that

The Effect of Pregnancy on Common Surgeries | News Brief

Postoperative maternal morbidity after appendectomy and cholecystectomy does not appear to be increased with pregnancy, according to a review of data from the National Surgical Quality Improvement

Conference Highlights: ISET 2012 | Conference Coverage

New research was presented at ISET 2012, the annual International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy, on January 15-19 in Miami Beach. The features below highlight just some of

Managing Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy | Opinion Article

The effects of pregnancy on the thyroid gland are profound. The gland is required to produce a 50% increase in thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). While a

Diabetes Roundtable 2011 | eMedia

Leading experts weigh in on important issues in managing diabetes.

Conference Highlights: Anesthesiology 2011 | Conference Coverage

The American Society of Anesthesiologists’ annual meeting, Anesthesiology 2011, held on October 15-19 in Chicago, was a comprehensive education program in anesthesiology, focusing on transforming patient safety

Detecting and Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes | Feature

New criteria for diagnosing gestational diabetes are expected to significantly increase the reported prevalence of the disease, but should also increase awareness about those at risk and the need to optimize outcomes for women and their babies.

Physician Referrals for Genetic Counseling/Testing Contradict Guidelines | Medical Blog

A survey of 1,878 U.S. family physicians, general internists, and obstetricians/gynecologists suggests that these providers would refer many women at average risk of ovarian cancer for genetic

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