Chemo, Immunotherapy Feasible in Metastatic Bladder Cancer

One-year overall survival of 61 percent for gemcitabine and cisplatin plus ipilimumab

Group Exercise, Nutrition Aids Prostate Cancer Patients on ADT

Improvements seen in mobility, body fat, muscle strength in men on androgen-deprivation therapy

Considerable Differences in Burden of Disease at State Level

Increasing burden of various diseases depending on state; overall death rates declined

Suggestions Offered to Reduce Physician Frustration With EHRs

Eight suggestions include providing individualized optimization training to personalize EHR settings

Most Patients Are Unaware of Drug Cancer Shortages

Majority say they want to know about even minor consequences of cancer drug substitutions

Myocarditis Rare Side Effect of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Myocarditis with ICIs may be more common than initially thought; responds to higher steroid dosages

Leukemia, and Its Treatment, May Pose Neurocognitive Risks

Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers may identify those at greater risk for poor neuro-related outcomes

Interns’ Schedule Takes Toll on Sleep, Physical Activity, Mood

Findings based on eight-month evaluation of new interns using Fitbit activity trackers

Few Indoor Tanners Have Been Screened for Skin Cancer

Correlates of screening include older age, family history of melanoma or skin cancer, high SPF sunscreen use

mRNA Assay Less Sensitive Than DNA Assay for Latent HPV

A 69.3 percent difference was seen in HPV mRNA results compared with previous HPV DNA results

ACA Marketplaces Expand Coverage for Chronically Ill

Enrollees have more chronic conditions, health care use versus other privately insured individuals

Online Doc Reviews Don’t Reflect Patient Satisfaction Surveys

No difference in Press Ganey PSS for physicians with versus those without negative online reviews

Variations Identified in Free-Text Directions in E-Prescriptions

However, more than half of all prescriber’s patient directions could be categorized into 25 concepts

Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy Differ in Women With Implants

Palpable cancers often detected at smaller size in breasts with implants; higher rates of mastectomy

Metabolic Abnormalities Seen in Testicular Cancer Survivors

HTN, increased LDL and total cholesterol levels; lower rates of decreased HDL levels, abdominal fat

Radiation Oncology Missing in Medical School Education

Survey reveals ideas for more ‘robust involvement’ in undergraduate medical education

Thyroidectomy Rates Lower After Guideline Implementation

Up-front total, completion thyroidectomy rates fell after guidelines on thyroid CA surgery implemented

3, 6 Month Adjuvant CAPOX Equally Effective for Colon Cancer

FOLFOX therapy for 6 months had higher disease-free survival rate compared to 3 months of treatment

Lag in Progress Against Lung CA Mortality in Midwest, Appalachia

Findings based on rates among women versus steady decline seen nationally

ACA Has Provided Better Access to Care for Cancer Survivors

From 2010 to 2016, decrease seen each year in proportion of survivors reporting delayed medical care

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