Receptivity to Tobacco Ads Linked to Progression to Use

For adolescents, receptivity was highest for e-cigarette ads and was linked to trying cigarettes

Non-Invasive Test Can Detect Urothelial Cancer

When combined with cytology, UroSEEK detected 95 percent of patients who developed bladder cancer

Reduced Overall Survival for Alcohol-Related Liver Cancer

Alcohol-related HCC more likely to be diffuse, detected in patients with worse liver function

Liquids in E-Cigarettes Are Heterogeneous, Frequently Toxic

The more chemicals in e-liquid, the more toxic it is likely to be; vanillin tied to higher toxicity

Molecular Minimal Disease in Remission Predicts AML Relapse

Persistence of non-DTA mutations during remission linked to rates of relapse, survival

Low-Dose Abiraterone Acetate Noninferior for Prostate Cancer

Low-dose AA with low-fat breakfast had greater effect on PSA; similar effect to standard dose

Hepatitis C Screening Increasing Among Baby Boomers

Screening prevalence 11.5 to 12.8 percent; similar rate for cohort born from 1966 to 1985

Cervical Cancer Frequently Diagnosed After Age 65

Almost 20 percent of cervical cancer cases are diagnosed in women older than 65

EHR Usability Contributes to Possible Patient Harm Events

Usability challenges mainly occur during order placement and medication administration

Complete Genome Sequence Can Be ID’d From Amniotic Fluid

Concordance of variant calls between cellular, cell-free DNA, with parental libraries >96 percent

Genetic Assay of PAP Tests May Help Dx Endometrial, Ovarian CA

PapSEEK tests for gene mutation, aneuploidy; better detection with Tao brush intrauterine sampling

BMI Linked to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk in Chronic Hep B

Risk of HCC linked to BMI in a dose-response manner in men, women; stronger link for women

Ethical Duties ID’d for Short-Term Global Health Experiences

Physician’s primary ethical obligation is to improve the health, well-being of individuals, communities

Vigil Immunotherapy Tolerated Well for Recurrent Ovarian CA Tx

And, PARP 7 protein plays significant role; survival up with genetic mutations, higher expression levels

Novel putative drivers revealed by targeted exome sequencing of advanced solid tumors.

PloS one 2018 03 2313(3) e0194790 doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0194790 Abstract Next generation sequencing (NGS) is becoming increasingly integrated into oncological practice and clinical research. NGS methods have also

Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab Tops Sunitinib for Advanced Renal CA

Overall survival, objective response higher than sunitinib for untreated clear-cell advanced RCC

History of Cancer Tied to Lower Endurance, Higher Fatigability

Fatigability and poor endurance significantly higher in older adults with cancer history

Lean Approach May Help Tackle Burnout in Health Care Providers

Creation of a huddle board represents one method to address issues in a timely manner

MVPA Mortality Risk Reduction Not Tied to Exercise in Bouts

Lower mortality risk seen with moderate-to-vigorous physical activity regardless of how it is accumulated

Teen Cancer Survivors Have Strong Social Networks

New functional social network index shows connections stronger than those of non-cancer peers

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