Docs Divided Over Cholesterol Screening in Kids | Medical Blog

At the end of last year, an expert panel convened by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) recommended that all children be screened for high

New Autism Definition May Exclude Many | Medical Blog

Proposed changes to the definition of autism, currently under review by an expert panel appointed by the American Psychiatric Association, are expected to significantly reduce the soaring

4 Genes May Guide ADHD Treatment | Medical Blog

Researchers found four gene variants that may be involved in vital brain signaling pathways in a subset of kids with ADHD. This discovery may aid in the

Kids with High IQ More Likely to Use Drugs | Medical Blog

Children with high IQ scores at age 5 may be significantly more likely to use illegal drugs in adolescence and adulthood, according to a recent study published

Conference Highlights: Anesthesiology 2011 | Conference Coverage

The American Society of Anesthesiologists’ annual meeting, Anesthesiology 2011, held on October 15-19 in Chicago, was a comprehensive education program in anesthesiology, focusing on transforming patient safety

Autism Spectrum Disorders Diagnoses Vary Widely | Medical Blog

Best-estimate clinical diagnoses of pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) appear to vary widely across regions, according to a study published online in Archives of General

Managing Pediatric Septic Shock | Opinion Article

Septic shock has historically been a significant problem in the pediatric population. The incidence of pediatric septic shock is highest among children with special healthcare needs, a growing group of patients in our society.

Guidelines for Transitioning Diabetic Patients to Adulthood | Medical Blog

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) published a position statement in the November issue of Diabetes Care outlining strategies to effectively transition patients with diabetes from pediatric to

Do Hospital Formula Samples Undermine Breast-Feeding? | Medical Blog

Along with their little bundle of joy and a stack of papers and pamphlets, some new parents are still being sent home with samples of baby formula,

Tonsillectomy Guidelines for Children | Feature

A multidisciplinary clinical practice guideline from the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery helps identify children who are the best candidates for tonsillectomy as well as empower physicians to assist patients in making the best treatment decisions.

Most Physicians Eventually Sued for Malpractice | Medical Blog

While the risk of being sued for malpractice can range from 2.6% for psychiatrists to almost 20% for neurosurgeons, most physicians can expect to face at least

Precursors of Sudden Cardiac Death Elusive in Athletes | Medical Blog

According to the findings of a study led by researchers from Stanford University, cardiologists appear to make mistakes frequently when interpreting the results of young athletes’ pre-participation

Overweight Teens Often Missed by Preventive Care | Medical Blog

Despite the well-documented rise in pediatric obesity, University of California, San Francisco researchers report in Pediatrics that overweight teenagers do not appear to be receiving the preventive

Autism Checklist at 12-Months May Facilitate Treatment | Medical Blog

A simple 24-item checklist may help physicians identify children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) as early as 1-year old, triggering earlier and potentially more effective treatment. The

Discolored Sputum Does Not Signal Antibiotics | Medical Blog

Adults with acute cough/lower respiratory tract infection who present with discolored sputum appear to be prescribed antibiotics more often than those with clear/white sputum, according to a

Conference Highlights: Society of Critical Care Medicine 2011 | Conference Coverage reports that the SCCM annual congress addressed important issues in the management of critically ill and injured patients, including CNS disorders in pediatric patients, early metabolic

Conference Highlight: Society of Critical Care Medicine | Conference Coverage

New research presented at the 40th annual congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine from January 15-19, 2011 in San Diego addressed important issues in the

Infamous Study Linking Autism to Vaccines Called a “Fraud” | Medical Blog

The study that triggered worldwide controversy over childhood vaccinations linked to autism was found to be based on widely discredited research, according to a new report published in

Pediatric Surgery: Analyzing Informed Consent | Opinion Article

When performing surgery in adults, the processes preceding the operation are often routine for surgeons and patients, but surgery is anything but routine for parents of pediatric

Battling Obesity: Improving Interactions with Patients | Opinion Article

While new diagnostic and treatment options to battle obesity continue to be investigated, recognition is rarely given to the social consequences of obesity. Negative stereotypes and patient-provider interactions can lead to poor emotional and physical health among those who are obese.

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