Emergency Room Patients Routinely Overcharged, Study Finds | News Brief

An analysis of billing records for more than 12,000 emergency medicine doctors across the United States shows that charges varied widely, but that on average, adult patients

TweetChat: A Look at the Drivers of Increasing Healthcare Costs | News Brief

Dr. Linda Girgis will co-host a tweetchat with PW on June 21, at 9:00pm ET on the factors driving increasing healthcare costs in the U.S.

Severe Mental Illness Linked to Much Higher Risk for Cardiovascular Disease | News Brief

There is a substantially increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease when someone suffers from severe mental illness, compared to the general population, an international study of more than 3.2 million people reveals.

First Study Shows Tie Between Probiotic and Improved Symptoms of Depression | News Brief

Probiotics may relieve symptoms of depression, as well as help gastrointestinal upset, research from McMaster University has found. In a study published in the medical journal Gastroenterology

Less Than Half of Americans Can Recognize Anxiety | News Brief

Most people don’t know what to do about depression even when they spot it. And nearly 8 in 10 don’t recognize prescription drug abuse as a treatable

The COPD-Anxiety Connection | News Brief

COPD patients appear to be more likely to have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) than those without COPD, even after accounting for most known GAD risk factors. Multidisciplinary care is encouraged to optimize treatment for patients with both conditions.

Urine Drug Tests: Effective for Uncovering Opioid Misuse But Easy To Cheat On | News Brief

With America facing an opioid epidemic, the most effective diagnostic tool for uncovering misuse and abuse of opiates remains the urine-drug testing that numerous businesses and physicians

Conference Highlights: ACOG 2017 | Feature

New research was presented at ACOG 2017, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, from May 6 to 9 in San Diego. The features below highlight some of the studies emerging from the conference.

Video – Warning: This Drug May Kill You | eMedia

Told from the perspectives of four families devastated by opioid addiction, the HBO documentary Warning: This Drug May Kill You offers a harrowing, unflinching look at the

Personalized Psychiatry Matches Therapy to Specific Patients with Depression | News Brief

A new study in Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry explores how specific clinical and biological signals can help doctors select the most effective drug more quickly and with greater precision.

#PWChat Live on Twitter | News Brief

  Physician’s Weekly strives to keep our readers informed with the latest news and information in the healthcare industry. There are many moving parts to healthcare, and

Interventions Like Telephone Calls Can Reduce Suicide | News Brief

Interventions following ED discharge significantly cut suicide attempts.

TweetChat: A Look at the U.S. Opioid Epidemic | News Brief

Dr. Linda Girgis will co-host a tweetchat with PW on May 10, at 9:00pm ET on the U.S. opioid epidemic.

Video CME/CE: Pain Management & Opioids, With ZDoggMD | News Brief

Read all the "front matter" information to the right, watch the video below, then click the link at the bottom to complete the post-test and obtain credits.

How to Combat the Social Stigma of Mental Illness | News Brief

Society considers people with mental illnesses to be more dangerous than they are.

Utilizing Digital Apps to Evaluate Dementia | Feature

Many individuals with dementia are not diagnosed in early stages, when interventions and planning may be most effective.

Blood Test That Measures Protein Levels Can Determine Which Medication to Take to Overcome Depression | News Brief

In what could normally be a guessing game to prescribe medication for depression, doctors can now use a new tool based on a blood test.

Sleep Deprivation Impairs Ability to Interpret Facial Expressions | News Brief

When you're tired, your ability to interpret subtle expressions of happiness and sadness can begin to deteriorate, University of Arizona researchers found.

Review: Treatment Options for Benzodiazepine Dependence | News Brief

Good evidence for cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational approaches to dependence

CME/CE: Examining Proneness to Malpractice Claims | News Brief

A study has found that a small number of physicians with distinctive characteristics accounted for a disproportionately large number of paid malpractice claims.

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