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Misinterpretation of Medical Error Deaths from BMJ Paper Continues | Medical Blog

About 6 weeks ago, I wrote a post called “Overestimating the effect of medical errors can be detrimental.” I cited a few examples of blind acceptance of

Gas Mix-Up Causes Newborn Death | Medical Blog

In mid-July, a baby born by cesarean section died about one hour later due to the administration of nitrous oxide instead of oxygen in the hospital’s neonatal

Shocker: Hospitalists’ “Unprofessional” Behavior Is Normal | Medical Blog

A recent paper assesses medical hospitalists’ participation in "unprofessional behaviors," but are they really that scandalous? Stay tuned for the inevitable corrective actions...

Can you trust online physician ratings? | Medical Blog

Many people believe you can. But here’s what a recent article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) about the reliability of online user ratings regarding buying a

Should Doctors and Nurses Wear Scrubs in Public? | Medical Blog

Being “old school,” I don’t like to see people wearing scrubs outside of the hospital. But there is no evidence that bacteria on scrubs spread disease, and a large number of ancillary hospital personnel wear scrubs.

Overestimating the effect of medical errors can be detrimental | Medical Blog

An issue with inflated numbers like 251,000 and 440,000 is that they are repeated by naïve journalists… A musician’s cancer diagnosis could have been made 4 years

Decisions made in Orlando: Is there any law more misunderstood than HIPAA? | Medical Blog

On the morning of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, a tweet by CNN stated, “The White House waived HIPAA regulations so that hospitals could talk with

Mystery solved: Keep your white coats. And your sleeves. | Medical Blog

My research staff recently came across a paper that directly addressed this problem. As they say on the Internet, “The results will make your jaw drop.” The

Patient Dies 90 Min After Live Broadcast Surgery | Medical Blog

"Was the delay in deciding to open influenced by the presence of an audience of 100 surgeons expecting to see a laparoscopic liver resection?"

The Opioid Epidemic: What Was the Joint Commission’s Role? | Medical Blog

"This set the tone for clinicians—patients are always to be trusted to report pain accurately."

Should Doctors Wear White Coats? The Debate Continues | Medical Blog

An infectious disease fellow at the Harvard Medical School is convinced that white coats are covered in bacteria and cause infections. But in a post on a

Caribbean invasion: Medical school turf wars | Medical Blog

"Medical school tuition has outpaced inflation by 6 times. I agree with the chancellor. I don’t think human illness is a commodity to be sold in the marketplace."

Lipo Blunders, Yet a 4-Star Doc Rating | Medical Blog

“My specialty that I love to do is the Brazilian butt lift. I'm known to be very aggressive when it comes to liposuction.” - Dr. Omulepu

A New View Debates Antibiotics for Appendicitis | Medical Blog

Here’s what Jane E. Brody, New York Times Personal Health columnist, had to say about surgeons who think appendicitis should be treated with an operation. “This is

EMR notes: Copy and paste, done in haste, what a waste | Medical Blog

"It doesn’t matter what is written in a chart unless something goes wrong."

Florida teen impersonates a doctor…again | Medical Blog

"The lad isn't merely a PhD. He says he has a Psy D, an MD, and the following degrees: HHP-C and AMP-C. Both Google and I don't know what those two stand for."

Doctor Operates on the Wrong Child | Medical Blog

"I will wager that a root cause analysis will find that a proper timeout did not take place."

FIRST Trial: Patients Not Harmed When Surgical Residents Work Flexible Hours | Medical Blog

"The issue has been hotly debated, but prior to the FIRST Trial, limited data existed about what is worse for patient care—tired residents or frequent handoffs of patient information."

Is Burnout Talk Causing More Burnout? | Medical Blog

"There is certainly much to be depressed about in medicine...But could it be that the more stories written about burnout and depression, the more burned out and depressed doctors become?"

Surgeon Convicted of Manslaughter Wins Right to Appeal | Medical Blog

"Should this conviction be overturned, it will be another blow to the "Captain of the Ship" doctrine, which assumes that a surgeon is responsible for everything that happens to his patient."

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