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Judgments | Medical Blog

"Sometimes we have to accept that the risk of our actions will be high but that the patient has no other option. When the consequences of inaction are not acceptable, we (and our patients) must accept the risk and do our best."

Top Documenters | Medical Blog

"Critical thinking has nearly vanished, nurses have become slaves to documentation rather than being allowed to actually get to know their patients, overall care has become standardized and impersonal, and the promised improvement in outcomes has not materialized."

Handling Risk | Medical Blog

Performing at a high level in these arenas requires a special kind of confidence in one’s own ability and judgment, a confidence that is often mistaken for arrogance.

Handling Sin | Medical Blog

"We know in our hearts what really motivated our action, and even when that action appears appropriate to an outside observer, we alone know how we failed."

Protocols Mean No One Has to Think | Medical Blog

"I object to protocols that take the place of critical thinking, especially when that is coupled with an electronic medical record that forces the physician to follow a checklist."

Abominable Pain | Medical Blog

The doctor gets immediate feedback without the need to think very hard, and the patient gets the reassurance of a high tech test.

Cancer Care as a Business Decision | Medical Blog

Once again, this was a business decision dressed up to look like innovative care and backed up by BigHealth’s dominant market share.

The Etiquette of Help | Medical Blog

The first thing to remember when stepping into a bad situation is that you are the cavalry. You didn’t create the situation, and recriminations and blame have no place in the room.

Ebola, Leadership, and Responsibility | Medical Blog

The response of our professional organizations and public health institutions has been scientifically correct and yet has been an abject failure in the eyes of the public.

Brothers and Sisters | Medical Blog

She was 16-years-old, a backseat passenger in a rollover car crash. The driver died at the scene, and the front seat passenger lay in the trauma bay

Rediscovering First Principles, or Grand Futile Gestures | Medical Blog

"But she opened her eyes and spoke to me. Sometimes you need to make a grand futile gesture, just so you can sleep at night."

Ruptures and Redo’s | Medical Blog

"The proposed guidelines may work in a big academic center or a multispecialty practice where the surgeon is salaried and has an assured referral base. For the solo private practitioner, turning away otherwise reasonable risk patients on the basis of weight alone is a nonstarter."

An Ethical Dilemma | Medical Blog

"While the policy is unquestionably legal, adhering to the strict letter of the law, it is not, in my opinion, ethical. It does not support justice or do what is best for the patients who seek care at this institution."

Follow Up | Medical Blog

"It’s not often that I get to see the long-term results of what we do in the trauma bay, but this one is special to me."

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