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The Mission inside Each of Us | Medical Blog

A few weeks ago, I spent a week working with the Floating Doctors in their medical mission in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We traveled by boat to

Disclosing Your Own Errors: How, When & Why | Medical Blog

So, do you have to tell a patient if you make an error in their care and, if so, under what circumstances? Dr. MedLaw discusses what advantages

Widening the Scope of Practice | Medical Blog

Dr. Pelzman discusses the challenge of involving nurses and other healthcare professionals into the current scope of practice so they can do more of what they love.

Parking lot needlestick yields $4.6 million payout | Medical Blog

A jury awarded a woman $4,618,500 for a needlestick injury she sustained in the parking lot of Target. Skeptical Scalpel shares his opinions. A South Carolina jury

Becoming a Better Leader – in a Week | Medical Blog

Reward or punishment? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, as I have been sent off to an “Executive Leadership” conference this week, where we are spending long hours

Capture the Critical Driver of Your Practice’s Financial Success: Physician Time | Feature

Pop Quiz: What were you doing during the financial presentation at your last board meeting?

Why can’t more doctors apologize for mistakes? | Medical Blog

“The unintended consequences of these seemingly well-intentioned laws are doctors who can’t apologize for harming their patients even if they want to…” A recent JAMA article about

How to Deal With Another Doctor’s Error – and Minimize Liability | Medical Blog

Our expert provides legal guidance for the three scenarios you may be confronted with when dealing with another doctor’s error. 1. When you and the other doctor

Misinterpretation of Medical Error Deaths from BMJ Paper Continues | Medical Blog

About 6 weeks ago, I wrote a post called “Overestimating the effect of medical errors can be detrimental.” I cited a few examples of blind acceptance of

What Role Does Spirituality Play in Medicine? | Medical Blog

While training to be doctors, most of us learned that professional ethics dictate that we not encroach our beliefs on our patients. When a person seeks healthcare,

4 Tools to Project Your Practice’s End-of-Year Finances | Medical Blog

Take steps now to avoid negative year-end shareholder compensation and tax surprises.

Gas Mix-Up Causes Newborn Death | Medical Blog

In mid-July, a baby born by cesarean section died about one hour later due to the administration of nitrous oxide instead of oxygen in the hospital’s neonatal

Shocker: Hospitalists’ “Unprofessional” Behavior Is Normal | Medical Blog

A recent paper assesses medical hospitalists’ participation in "unprofessional behaviors," but are they really that scandalous? Stay tuned for the inevitable corrective actions...

We Need to Stand United on Herd Immunity | Medical Blog

We should hold those responsible for spreading false medical information accountable for their actions. Rumors and falsities abound regarding immunizations. Many people refuse to vaccinate their children

Can you trust online physician ratings? | Medical Blog

Many people believe you can. But here’s what a recent article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) about the reliability of online user ratings regarding buying a

Should Doctors and Nurses Wear Scrubs in Public? | Medical Blog

Being “old school,” I don’t like to see people wearing scrubs outside of the hospital. But there is no evidence that bacteria on scrubs spread disease, and a large number of ancillary hospital personnel wear scrubs.

Overestimating the effect of medical errors can be detrimental | Medical Blog

An issue with inflated numbers like 251,000 and 440,000 is that they are repeated by naïve journalists… A musician’s cancer diagnosis could have been made 4 years

Culture of Safety: Just Do It | Feature

Quite a number of years ago, a patient of mine came to see me for her routine annual physical examination, and it ended up costing her a

Don’t Build That Wall, At Least Not in Medicine | Medical Blog

While certain politicians pontificate about building a wall to separate the US from surrounding countries, people passionately debate the issue. Doctors are included in this and arguments

Decisions made in Orlando: Is there any law more misunderstood than HIPAA? | Medical Blog

On the morning of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, a tweet by CNN stated, “The White House waived HIPAA regulations so that hospitals could talk with

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