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The Opioid Epidemic: What Was the Joint Commission’s Role? | Medical Blog

"This set the tone for clinicians—patients are always to be trusted to report pain accurately."

Should Doctors Wear White Coats? The Debate Continues | Medical Blog

An infectious disease fellow at the Harvard Medical School is convinced that white coats are covered in bacteria and cause infections. But in a post on a

Doctor Curmudgeon®: Coming soon! Your government presents… | Medical Blog

The United States Government Healthcare Appointment line! SCENE; JUST A SHORT TIME INTO THE FUTURE OPERATOR:   RECORDED VOICE: United States Health Care appointment line. You must first find

Caribbean invasion: Medical school turf wars | Medical Blog

"Medical school tuition has outpaced inflation by 6 times. I agree with the chancellor. I don’t think human illness is a commodity to be sold in the marketplace."

Lipo Blunders, Yet a 4-Star Doc Rating | Medical Blog

“My specialty that I love to do is the Brazilian butt lift. I'm known to be very aggressive when it comes to liposuction.” - Dr. Omulepu

Child Abuse Awareness Month: Fighting the Monster Under the Bed | Medical Blog

"As healthcare professionals we are bound by duty to report suspected cases and help these kids. But even the medical community often fails in this regard."

Healthcare CSI: Our Patients the Victims | Medical Blog

The crime scene is the US healthcare system scattered in clinics, private practices, and hospitals throughout the country. The system lies in tatters on the ground with

Liability FAQs: “Curbside consult—an established physician-patient relationship?” | Medical Blog

Dr. MedLaw answers pressing questions about when someone legally becomes a physician's patient.

A New View Debates Antibiotics for Appendicitis | Medical Blog

Here’s what Jane E. Brody, New York Times Personal Health columnist, had to say about surgeons who think appendicitis should be treated with an operation. “This is

EMR notes: Copy and paste, done in haste, what a waste | Medical Blog

"It doesn’t matter what is written in a chart unless something goes wrong."

Semper Fidelis, Again | Medical Blog

When he was 23 years old, he’d wanted to die. It was 2005. He was a Marine, a Corporal, and was lying alone in a hospital bed

Medical Malpractice: Documenting 101 | Medical Blog

"Documentation is a perfect example of the Goldilocks Rule: There can be too much or too little, but then there is the amount that is just right."

Fad Medicine: What Have Your Patients Tried? | Medical Blog

"Science is well researched, yet, it often seems patients rather take their medical advice from celebrities than the medical experts."

Florida teen impersonates a doctor…again | Medical Blog

"The lad isn't merely a PhD. He says he has a Psy D, an MD, and the following degrees: HHP-C and AMP-C. Both Google and I don't know what those two stand for."

Doctor Curmudgeon®: Patient Entitlementiasis with Insurance | Medical Blog

"I do remember my parents having insurance and I remember them paying what the insurance did not cover. It was so simple then."

First Black Female Physician in the US honored by alma mater | Medical Blog

As the Civil War raged in 1864, Rebecca Lee marked her place in history when she became the first Black female to graduate medical school in the United

Doctor Operates on the Wrong Child | Medical Blog

"I will wager that a root cause analysis will find that a proper timeout did not take place."

Fighting the Dr. Oz World | Medical Blog

While I would probably earn much more money selling a magic weight loss pill or a mystical cream that vanishes wrinkles, I need to be a doctor first.

FIRST Trial: Patients Not Harmed When Surgical Residents Work Flexible Hours | Medical Blog

"The issue has been hotly debated, but prior to the FIRST Trial, limited data existed about what is worse for patient care—tired residents or frequent handoffs of patient information."

Turning Our Residents into Minions | Medical Blog

As doctors, we can all remember the attending doctors who struck fear in our hearts or the senior residents who turned us into their personal scut slaves.

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