Forgetting the Fast Food

The figure below shows the percentage of daily calories consumed from fast food among adults aged ≥20 years, by age group, in the United States.

Avoidable Healthcare Costs

The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics estimates that $213 billion was spent on avoidable healthcare costs in the United States in 2012.

Hypertension Rates & Medication Use

The figure below depicts the age-adjusted prevalence of self-reported hypertension among adults.

Assessing Alzheimer’s Mortality

A report from the Alzheimer’s Association has found that deaths from Alzheimer’s disease have risen substantially since 2000.

Saving on Prescription Drug Costs

A report from the CDC has found that adults aged 18 to 64 were more than twice as likely as adults aged 65 and older to not

Are Solo Practitioners Endangered?

A survey has found that there has been a nearly 20% decline in the number of independent physicians since 2000.

On-Call Pay Rates Vary Widely

Anesthesiologists appear to command the most money per day for being on-call at hospitals, according to findings from a Medical Group Management Association survey.

Personal Finance Confidence

Most physicians appear to feel  only somewhat confident that they are making the best personal finance decisions.

Death by Traffic

According to data from the CDC, motor vehicle traffic death rates declined by 49% for men aged 15 to 19 years from 1999 to 2011.

By the Numbers: High LDL Cholesterol

A CDC report has found that the prevalence of high LDL cholesterol decreased significantly over the past few decades.

Physician Retirement Preparedness

A report from the American Medical Association has found that few physicians in the United States consider themselves “ahead of schedule” in retirement preparedness.

Falling Asleep While Driving

Wifi Use in Healthcare

A survey from Enterasys Secure Networks offers a look at use of Wi-Fi in healthcare. Among the key findings:

Awareness of CVD as Leading Cause of Death in Women

A recent study indicates that awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD) as the leading cause of death in women has increased to 56%, marking a significant rise since

Prophylactic Antibiotics in Breast Cancer Surgery

Antibiotic prophylaxis appears to significantly decrease the incidence of surgical site infections (SSIs) following elective surgery and is cost effective in obese patients with breast cancer. A

From One Bad Habit to Another

Bedside Ultrasound Cuts ED Length of Stay

Bedside pelvic ultrasound appears to significantly reduce ED length of stay regardless of radiology ultrasound technologist availability.

Trends in AF Among Hospitalized ACS Patients

Among patients hospitalized with an acute coronary syndrome (ACS), overall rates of atrial fibrillation and associated mortality decreased between 2000 and 2007, according to a study from

Diabetes: A State-By-State Look

The figure below depicts the age-adjusted prevalence of diagnosed diabetes among adults (aged 18 and older) in the United States during 2010.

Fall Risks High for Those With HIV

Middle-aged patients infected with HIV appear to have a high risk for falls. A study found that multiple comorbidities, medications, and functional impairment were predictive of falls.

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