Asian total in betting — what does it mean, how to calculate

Individual total betting in football is not one of the most popular. Nevertheless, if the bettor can correctly calculate the probability of passing the individual total, then this can be repelled when betting on other markets. Therefore, we advise you to use the individual total calculation system for the analysis of the game.

Calculation principle

  1. The last 6 games of the team are taken as a basis. All games involved in the calculation must be within the same tournament. If CSKA is to play in the RFPL , then when calculating the total, the team’s last 6 games in the RFPL should be taken into account, without affecting the club’s performance in European competitions and in the Russian Cup.
  2. For a team goal scored to the clubs in the first third of the table, 1.5 points are awarded, for a goal to the teams in the middle of the table – 1 point, and for a goal to the teams in the lower part of the table – 0.5 points. All points are added up. 1 point is added to them if the team is playing at home, and 1 point is deducted if the team is playing away.
  3. Then the points are divided by 6 and you get an approximate individual total for the next game.

Advantages of individual total over strategy



As an example, we decided to calculate the individual total of Tula Arsenal in the RFPL match against the Samara Wings of the Soviets. In the screenshot you can see the last 7 games of the Tula team, but since the game against Tosno took place within the framework of the Russian Cup, we will not take it into account.

Arsenal have scored only 2 goals in 6 games. At the same time, both goals occurred in games with the teams at the bottom of the table (Lokomotiv and Ural). Therefore, we multiply 2 goals by 0.5 and get 1 point. Since the team plays away, 1 point should be deducted. We have 0 in total, so Arsenal’s Individual Total is 0.

Judging by the calculations, you can bet on Arsenal’s individual total less than 0.5 (odds 2.18 in 1xBet bookmaker’s office ) or, for insurance, put on IT2 less than 1 (odds 1.38). If we make a similar calculation for the Krylia Sovetov team, then it will turn out that the Samara team will score 1 goal. In principle, this result is also confirmed by the bookmakers, since they give the lowest odds for the victory of Krylia 1: 0 (5.50). Thus, you will be able to build on this account in the rates. You can bet on the total TM 1.5 in the game, on the victory of the Wings of the Soviets, then in one of the halves there will be a draw, etc.


This system attracts with its simplicity of calculating the individual total. Of course, the system will not be able to give a 100% result, but this is impossible in principle. It is already important that you will be able to determine the probable number of teams’ goals and, using this data, make a forecast not only for totals, but also for the outcome of the meeting.