#PWChat Recap: Diabetes Management in the Cardiovascular Outcome Trial Era

#PWChat Recap: Diabetes Management in the Cardiovascular Outcome Trial Era
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Physician’s Weekly co-hosted another installment of the #PWChat series on Monday, Nov. 27 to address diabetes management in the Cardiovascular Outcome Trial Era.

Joined by former AACE president, Yehuda Handelsman, MD, FACP, FACE, FNLA, topics discussed included how heart disease presents in people with type 2 diabetes, what contributes to the development of heart and vascular disease in diabetes, current treatment recommendations to reduce cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes, and much more.

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Below are the highlights from the chat. You can read the full transcript here.



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  1. Sir what should be the normal range of BP for a type 1 DM suffering pt for the last 21 yrs with good glycemic control and renal status


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