Strategy for Betting Totals in Football
What are the characteristics of betting on total in football? What indicators can you bet on total. What are the peculiarities of betting on performance in a football match? Effective total betting strategies, pros and cons of betting on the market.

Most of the events from the football list are known to most of the cuppers – the outcome of the match, handicap, both will score, etc. A separate place in the line of bets on the match is occupied by the total: this is a bet on the effectiveness of the match. Usually bettors place bets on total goals, but there are other types of performance indicators. This is the most popular type of event for a football match, and in this article we will take a closer look at total betting in football. We will also talk about the strategies of the game for this type of event and give recommendations to the players.

The nuances of betting on total

Total is available not only for goals and points – there are also statistical indicators on which bookmakers offer to bet on total. In general, you can bet on the following types of totals:

  • Goals;
  • Yellow cards;
  • Corner;
  • Offsides;
  • Removal;
  • Forwarding;
  • Shots (shots) on target;
  • Three-point (two-point) throws;
  • Fouls;
  • Block shots;
  • Rebounds;
  • Assists;
  • Aisy, etc.

It is not easy to calculate the performance for any game indicator correctly. It is necessary to take into account the effectiveness of past matches, consider the statistics of face-to-face confrontations, and also take into account the personnel selection of teams. There are lines of play for TB and TM: for example, most players place bets on TB in live in order to catch a higher coefficient, while the game on TM mostly takes place in a prematch for the same reason.

The rest of the bets on total are not much different from other types of bets.

Availability and a large range are one of the main advantages of playing for total, then it all depends on the choice of the bookmaker – the speed of accepting bets, the width of the range, odds, etc.

Varieties of totals

Bettors have two alternatives when making a bet on the total: choose an event under or over. The bookmaker sets the value of the performance, and the player chooses whether the final performance of the indicator will be more or less than the selected number. The choice seems simple: you need to decide on one of two possible betting options. But in reality, it is necessary to carefully analyze the match before making a prediction.

Totals are divided into two types: European and Asian, by analogy with handicaps

For example, TB 5, TM 3, etc. Not all bookmaker companies use it in football painting . It is characterized by a high risk of return – for example, if you bet on TB 2 in a match and the teams played 1: 1 – the bet will be calculated as a return.

Asian total is expressed in fractional values ​​- for example, total is less than 1.5 or total is more than 2.25.

This type of market is further subdivided into two categories: half and quarter, respectively. In the first case, there is an advantage: returns are excluded. The bet will always be settled as lost or won. When placing a bet on a half handicap, you can get half the amount of the bet on the account under certain conditions

Even / odd totals occupy a separate niche . Players must decide whether the total number of balls is even or odd. There are also individual totals – specifically for each team.

You can bet on performance both within the entire match, and on halves, or specific intervals of the game. All types of bets and betting formats listed above are available for bettors both in live and in prematch.
Total Team Goals Stats & Betting Guide [Updated Daily] 2021

Recommendations for bets

Predicting performance is easy, but accurate match analysis is not easy. In order to roughly calculate the total, you need to take into account various features: line-ups, the form of teams, face-to-face confrontations in recent years, motivation, weather, personality of the referee, etc. Each game component that can be counted has a dependency on all of the listed parameters. Deeper analysis includes more features to consider.

When making a bet on totals in the long term, it is important to pay attention to the distribution of the game bank. For this, it is better to use special financial game models . Players who place bets using a flat or fixed percentage strategy will be more successful than other bettors due to competent money management. Such strategies will allow you to stabilize profits, as well as receive profits even with a low percentage of the bet’s passability.

Total strategy

In addition to financial models, players can pay attention to specialized betting tactics designed for total goals in football. There are a lot of these strategies, but not all show high efficiency. Let’s talk about the most interesting and profitable game models.

Draw and total odd

A simple strategy that will give a high probability of profit when using a large bank. The principle of the game is as follows: we take a football match and a specific value for the bet – no more than 10% of the bank, ideally 5%. Denomination will need to be divided into two unequal parts by the calculator forks and distribute them on the two markets – the total is odd and a draw. You can bet on a specific half, but it is recommended to take a full match: in this case, the odds for a draw will be higher than in the half.

A draw is always an even result: 0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 2 – it doesn’t matter. It would therefore be logical to hedge a bet bet on odd that eliminates the draw outcome . But not everything is so simple: one of the teams can win with a score of 2: 0, 3: 1, 4: 2, etc., which will be a reason for failure on two bets at once. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze the match for the probability of a draw outcome of the game and use this strategy strictly if there are prerequisites for the passage of this event.

First half goal

One of the most famous betting tactics for modern bettors. You can play any match in which there are prerequisites for non-zero performance in the starting half. But it is advisable to choose meetings from scoring championships: these include the leagues of Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, etc. But this does not negate the possibility of playing in other championships – it is important that the teams have the motivation to score in the first half and the functionality for this.

Betting on a goal in the first half must be strictly in live mode. This is necessary in order to catch a high odds: at the start of the match for a total of 0.5 more in the 1st half, bookmakers will give no more than 1.25-1.3. Therefore, the best bet is to wait until 20 minutes have been played in the match. If during this time the teams do not have time to distinguish themselves, this is a great moment to enter the bet. At this point, the coefficient will jump to 1.7-1.8, and this value of the quote will be considered optimal for the game in the long term.

The permeability of bets will be high when playing in driven championships and with a good analysis of low-performing leagues. Remember: according to the strategy, you cannot bet on total 1.5 more in the first half, or on larger values. The calculation was made strictly for one goal.