Football totals betting

Total betting in football is one of the most popular areas of sports betting. Players are not required to predict the outcome of a match. It is enough to roughly guess the number of certain actions: goals, yellow cards, shots on goal, corners, etc.

What totals are there in football?

There are three types of totals:

  • Classical. Expressed as a fractional indicator. For example, if a bettor bets 2.5 goals on TB, then he needs at least three goals to be scored in the match.
  • Three-way or whole total. Such bets have three outcomes: win, loss, return. Expressed in whole indicators. For example, if a player has bet 3 goals on TB, then he needs the teams to score 4 or more goals in the match. If they hit three, the bookmaker will calculate the bet with odds of 1.00. Less than three – the player has lost.
  • Asian total. Assumes some kind of safety net. For example, if the bettor bet on the total of 2.25, then he will lose only half of the amount with two goals scored in the match. Will win if the teams hit three or more. Will lose all the money if they hit the gate less than twice.

Strategy for betting on football total over

The methodology assumes a deep analysis of each match. To successfully use the strategy for betting on total over, you must follow certain rules:

  • Find national championships in which teams score a lot of goals. The player just needs to study the statistics.
  • Determine the most scoring and passing teams. Similar to the first point.
  • Analyze the teams’ performance in recent years (5-7 games). Even hammered clubs have recessions. They can be associated with injuries to top players or player fatigue.
  • View the weather forecast for the day of the match. Bad weather conditions can significantly change the result. Carrying out constructive actions in the rain or snow is much more difficult than destroying.
  • Analyze the coefficients of the bookmaker. Bookmaker analysts are well versed in football, so they often underestimate the odds for attractive markets. Bets on such totals can be unprofitable.

There are a lot of national championships that are perfect for betting on TB. These are all the divisions of the Dutch and Icelandic championships, the Danish Super League, the Wales Premier League, etc. In these championships, the teams pay little attention to defense, but are more inclined towards constructive actions. If you want to make money on TB, then pay attention to these leagues.

For example, in the Icelandic 2017 championship, the average performance of most teams is more than three goals per match. Even the main outsider of the championship (“Habnarfjordur”) scored an average of 2.6 goals per game.

If we take the top 5 championships, then experts recommend analyzing the German Bundesliga.

Professionals categorically prohibit considering the championships of Russia, Greece, Italy and France for bets on TB. The exception is games in which the leader and the outsider meet.

For example, if you analyze the matches of the Dutch and Greek championships, you will immediately notice the difference. In the championship of the Netherlands, the ball is rapidly moving from one player to another, so it is quickly delivered to the goal. In Greece, footballers play defensively. All matches are held in a tough struggle, so there are practically no chances at the gate.

The TB strategy has one significant drawback – bookmaker analysts are well versed in football, therefore they underestimate the odds for attractive markets. Quotes on TB 2.5 often do not exceed 1.30.

Some bettors use the 3.5 TB betting strategy. It’s easy to find teams that perform well. For example, let’s study the statistics of the first division of the Dutch championship.

The table shows that clubs often hit 3.5 TB. Bookmakers offer fairly high odds on these markets (around 2.00).

The strategy of express betting on total over 1.5 in football

The methodology is based on statistical indicators. Here it is important to adhere to the same rules as in the strategy for TB 2.5:

  • Play exclusively in high-scoring championships.
  • Take only scoring teams.
  • Carefully analyze the latest performances of the clubs.
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast on the day of the match, etc.

But here the variability is much higher than in the previous strategy. After all, teams need to score only two goals for two per match. Therefore, the list of championships can be slightly expanded.

The strategy of betting on total over 1.5 in football suggests that in order to win, the player needs to collect an accumulator from three matches. The coefficient of each should not exceed 1.30.

For example, 1.30 * 1.30 * 1.30 = 2.197. This is the maximum coefficient at which the bettor plays.

What not to do if you use the strategy for the total over 1.5:

  • Bet more than 5% of your total bankroll.
  • Use a ratio less than 1.20.
  • Bet on principle matches (derby).